Is Verizon 5g worth the upgrade?

As many of you know 5g is the "new thing" in the cell phone world, but is it really worth the price to upgrade? Most would say the newest technology is always better, but hold the phone Verizon, there is a problem. I have always considered Big Red to be the leader in innovation (in the US at least) but I think they missed the mark on 5g.

I know, I know Verizon is the nation's fastest and most reliable network, and I'm not going to dispute that here. Their 5g data speed can surpass 2gbps (yes gbps not mbps!) You can download a netflix movie in seconds, an entire TV series in a few minutes, I've seen it done. I imagine this all sounds pretty good, and it is...that is if you live under a 5g tower aka a node.

What is a node you ask? Well, a node basically comes down to the equivalent of a WiFi hotspot. That's right VZW 5g has about the range of your home's wireless internet. I might be exaggerating a little, but not really that is the short of it. The newest, greatest network runs on millimeter-wave. To quote Verizon's website "millimeter-wave is a whole new ball game" Let's be fair, it can carry a ton of data and very quickly at that, but you need line of sight. Line of sight is just how it sounds, you need to be in eye site of the node, so this means inside usage is almost not a thing.

I have seen countless youtube videos of speed and real world testing. Everytime the speed is amazing, almost unreal, but it can't sustain. The networks drops down to 4gLTE as soon as you turn your back or hop in the car. I guess this is why they boast in their commercials about covering most MLB and NFL stadiums, because the signal is just that, the range of a football field.

So back to the original question, is worth the price of an upgrade for 5g? Well, as of summer of 2021 No. I just can't get behind the technology at this point. Yes, the speed is there, and in the long run it may be worth is as the coverage expands. I can't help but think VZW 5g may meet the same fait as Sprint's 4g network years ago, WiMAX anyone? It's just hard for me to imagine upgrading and paying extra each month for 5g, when LTE is readily available in most every market not to mention the price of a compatible phone, about $400 for a low end phone.

In conclusion, I don't see the upside as of now, maybe ever for Verizon 5g as it's structured. I really feel like T-Mo and Big blue are on the right page (although slower) offering nation wide 5g coverage by just upgrading their existing towers. Really, what's the difference in downloading a movie in 3sec on 5g or 1min on LTE? Not much in my opinion.

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